Hi! I’m Julie Ott,

Founder of Triple Play Vacations

Growing up with 3 brothers in Alabama, my family was always doing something that centered around sports—whether it was a backyard baseball game, watching SEC football, or keeping up with NASCAR. I learned to love sports, and it stuck. My executive career in the outdoor & action sports market gave me the opportunity to keep my love of sports alive. In the course of my work, I’ve been lucky enough to attend many sporting events worldwide, ranging from PGA to NBA.

That fast-paced, high-pressure career also showed me the importance of making time to travel. When every day is stuffed to the brim with meetings, deadlines, and decisions, you need to take a break and recharge. Of course, the struggle is—how can you plan the kind of vacation you need, when the last thing you want to do is make yet another decision?

That’s where Triple Play Vacations come in. Through our boutique travel agency, my son Alex and I eliminate the stress of planning and present tailored vacation options to you. Our unique focus on sporting events and outdoor adventures means we can create travel experiences tied to your specific interests—for a thrilling vacation you’ll remember forever.

We plan effortless vacations for sports enthusiasts & outdoor adventurers, releasing you from planning overwhelm.

All you have to do is enjoy your unforgettable getaway.

We’ll do the rest!

Hi! I’m Alex Ott,

Director, Sales & Marketing

I’ve been a “sports guy” my whole life, but I didn’t see how that could intersect with travel until my family moved to Hong Kong during high school. There, team sports often involved travel across country lines. I competed in cross country meets in Guam, played basketball in South Korea, skied slopes in Japan, and had track meets in Shanghai and Beijing.

After an incredible three years in Asia, I sought out more opportunities to combine sports and adventure with travel. That led me to surfing in New Zealand and skydiving in South Africa. I got to be a fan a few times, too, at some amazing sporting events. One of the best experiences (so far!) was watching Lionel Messi play in Barcelona—and hearing how the crowd erupted when he scored his first goal! The level of noise was only matched by the NFC Championship Game I attended in 2016, when the Carolina Panthers—my favorite team—won and advanced to the Super Bowl. The stadium went wild.

Let me put my obsession with both sports and travel to work for you. There’s just nothing like the rush of seeing your team win in person (instead of through a screen), catching a trophy fish, or making the best putt of your life. These are the vacation experiences that turn into lasting memories, and I would be honored to create them for you.

As your travel consultants, we promise to provide you with the best in luxury travel & outdoor experiences.

As luxury travel consultants specializing in sports-related travel, our most important job is ensuring you have the rewarding, relaxing vacation you deserve. Through our connections with Virtuoso, a luxury travel network with access to best hotels, VIP experiences, and insider exclusive experiences, we navigate the ever-changing travel requirements so you don’t have to.

Our easy-to-follow process eliminates the decision making on your end and gives you access to hard-to-get sporting events and VIP activities so you can see pinnacle sporting events and create new memories with unrivaled outdoor experiences.

Leave the minutiae to us.

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We’ll deliver a spectacular, memorable, and enjoyable vacation tailored to your needs and custom-crafted to your desires. All you need to do? Enjoy the moments.


When you only go on a few vacations a year, you don’t have to waste time on an average vacation. As partners who’ve been to 61 states & countries, we know what it takes to travel. Book your call and learn more about how we can create your best vacation!

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